2-week Southeast Asia itinerary: ideal choices for every kind of travelers

2-week Southeast Asia itinerary

Are you seeking an exciting Southeast Asia travel adventure? Look no further than the extraordinary 2-week Southeast Asia itinerary recommended in this article. As a region with 11 countries blending history, culture, and nature, the journey through Southeast Asia promises breathtaking beauty, diverse culture, and unforgettable culinary experiences, ensuring lasting memories for all.

1. Best destinations to include in the ultimate 2-week Southeast Asia itinerary

Southeast Asia encompasses 11 countries. These nations include Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, East Timor, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. This region has become an increasingly sought-after destination for travelers, boasting some of the world’s most visited countries, stunning beaches, rich history, and delectable cuisine. Whatever your travel preferences may be, explore the diverse solutions that Southeast Asia travel has to offer below!

1.1. For nature lovers

2-week Southeast Asia itinerary

Nature enthusiasts seeking unforgettable experiences amid breathtaking landscapes should not miss the following destinations:

  • Vietnam: Vietnam travel offers numerous enticing destinations for nature lovers. Embark on long-distance cycling to soak up the views of expansive mountain passes. Alternatively, enjoy the beautiful beaches and islands in Phu Quoc and Nha Trang, cruise or kayak through the majestic Ha Long Bay, or challenge yourself in the epic Son Doong Cave.
  • Thailand: A must-visit for nature enthusiasts, Thailand boasts various natural wonders. Explore national parks in Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai, offering thrilling hiking opportunities and picturesque waterfalls. Alternatively, visit Phuket and Krabi for pristine beaches bordered by limestone cliffs that are sure to leave you awestruck.
  • Malaysia: From enthralling sunsets to jungle-lined hiking trails and tropical beaches with raw beauty, Malaysia has it all. It also features gushing waterfalls, climb-worthy mountains, and rainforests.

2-week Southeast Asia itinerary

  • Indonesia: Indonesia boasts an abundance of nature that one could enjoy for a lifetime. From the Raja Ampat Islands with mesmerizing marine spots to the active volcano Mount Bromo and the picturesque landscape of Komodo Island, Indonesia’s natural wonders are sure to captivate.
  • Philippines: The Philippines offers diverse experiences for nature lovers and adventurers. Head to Cebu for canyoneering, a hybrid activity exploring remote canyons and gorges. If you love mountain climbing, Eden Nature Park and the highest mountain in the Philippines, Mount Apo, are must-visit destinations.

1.2. For history and culture enthusiasts 

As a region rich in history, tradition, and diverse cultures, a 2-week Southeast Asia itinerary offers a colorful cultural tapestry at every stop on your journey.

  • Cambodia: Explore the magnificent relics of the Khmer Empire at the Angkor temples. Experience vibrant night markets, visit the glittering Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda, and reflect on the poignant history of the Khmer Rouge era at the Killing Fields, all contributing to memorable cultural experiences.

2-week Southeast Asia itinerary

  • Vietnam: The ancient cities of Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Hue, and Hoi An offer numerous avenues for immersing yourself in Vietnamese life. Engage in cooking classes, participate in craft workshops, explore temples, enjoy musical performances, and visit museums to delve deep into the rich fabric of Vietnamese culture.
  • Thailand: Temple visits are a must in Thailand, where the captivating architecture and colorful decorations enchant travelers. Don’t miss the grandeur of the Grand Palace, and explore the vibrant food markets with unique local dishes.
  • Brunei: A cultural and heritage tour of Brunei unveils the intertwining of Islamic and Malay heritage in museums and mosques. Explore collections at museums like the Brunei Museum or visit grand mosques like the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque.

2-week Southeast Asia itinerary

  • Laos: Steeped in ritual and tradition, Laos boasts one of the most diverse and enchanting cultures. Don’t miss cultural experiences such as temple-hopping, witnessing the daily almsgiving ceremony, participating in a weaving workshop, and savoring authentic Lao cuisine.
  • Indonesia: Explore unique traditional houses with distinctive high rooftops and intricate paintings, witness festive dances featuring unique masks and vibrant costumes, and enjoy lively music reflecting Indonesia’s rich cultural tapestry.

1.3. For luxury travelers

Let’s plan a wonderful 2-week Southeast Asia itinerary for those who appreciate luxury travel, seamlessly combining resort stays with diverse and exciting experiences.

  • Thailand: Indulge in private river cruises along the iconic Chao Phraya River, savor exquisite meals at numerous Michelin-starred restaurants in Bangkok, pamper yourself at Thailand’s ultra-luxurious spa retreats, or opt for a private jet tour to admire the breathtaking landscapes of Thailand from above.

2-week Southeast Asia itinerary

  • Singapore: Synonymous with indulgence, this city-state offers Michelin-starred restaurants, award-winning bars, high-end brands for indulgent shopping sprees, and lavish hotels featuring suites that most could only dream of waking up in. Additionally, indulge in spa treatments that cater to every whim, completing the experience of luxury living in Singapore.
  • Vietnam: Vietnam luxury travel promises unforgettable experiences, ranging from opulent cruises on Ha Long Bay to lavish accommodations on pristine beaches in Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Da Nang, and Hoi An. Enjoy premium spa services tailored to your preferences and gourmet dining experiences that showcase the finest flavors of Vietnamese cuisine.

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2-week Southeast Asia itinerary


2-week Southeast Asia itinerary

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1.4. For budget travelers

If you want to have some budget travel experiences in your 2-week Southeast Asia itinerary, explore the following destinations:

  • Vietnam: Vietnam travel costs are quite low when you can manage with a budget of around 20-30 USD per day for basic expenses. Entrance fees to attractions start from just 1 USD, while delicious local dishes like banh mi and pho can be enjoyed for less than 1 USD.
  • Cambodia: While potentially pricier than some neighboring countries, Cambodia, with expenses ranging around 30-35 USD per person for basic needs, remains suitable for budget travel. 
  • Laos: Laos is a budget-friendly destination where a daily expenditure of 15-20 USD covers accommodation, food, and various exploratory activities.

2-week Southeast Asia itinerary

  • Thailand: Thailand offers a well-balanced budget experience, totaling around 30 USD per day. Visit dazzling temples for as little as 1.5 USD or savor traditional treats like pad thai and mango sticky rice for as little as 1 USD.
  • Philippines: Renowned as one of the most budget-friendly destinations for a 2-week Southeast Asia itinerary, the expenses here range from 25 USD to 35 USD per day, ensuring a fulfilling yet economical travel experience.
  • Indonesia: Ideal for budget travelers seeking local food, shared dorms, and public transportation, Indonesia offers a daily budget range of 20 to 30 USD.
  • Malaysia: In Malaysia, you can manage with a budget of around 30 USD per day if you venture away from the bustling capital to explore small communities and fantastic villages and relish the awe-inspiring beauty of nature and culture.

2. Perfect 2-week Southeast Asia itineraries for first-time visitors

For those embarking on their first journey to the region, consider pinpointing the specific country you wish to visit, then explore the suggested detailed 2-week Southeast Asia travel itinerary below.

2.1. 2-week Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia travel itinerary

2-week Southeast Asia itinerary

Embark on a captivating Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia itinerary, renowned for their unique and authentic experiences.

  • Day 1-2 (Hanoi): Embark on a city tour of Hanoi, visiting significant historical and cultural sites like Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum, the Temple of Literature, and Hoan Kiem Lake.
  • Day 3 (Hanoi – Halong): Board a cruise for a scenic tour of the bay, stopping to explore limestone caves.
  • Day 4-5 (Hue): Go on a Hue City tour to explore tombs, visit the Huong River and the Imperial City, and indulge in a royal banquet.
  • Day 6-7 (Da Nang – Hoi An): In Da Nang, explore My Khe Beach, Linh Ung Pagoda, and Son Tra Peninsula. Spend the evening in the charming city of Hoi An, discovering its cultural and historical beauty.
  • Day 8-9 (Ho Chi Minh City): Experience a city tour in Ho Chi Minh City, visiting attractions like the War Remnants Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and Landmark 81.

2-week Southeast Asia itinerary

  • Day 10-11 (Siem Reap): Visit the South Gate of Angkor Thom, the Royal Bath of Srah Srang, and the Banteay Kdei temples. Stroll around vibrant night markets.
  • Day 12 (Luang Prabang): Visit Wat Visoun, the shrine of Wat Aham, and Wat Mai. Climb Mount Phousi to explore the sacred, gilded stupa.
  • Day 13-14 (Pak Ou Cave, Kuang Si Waterfall): Explore two must-visit locations in Laos: the mysterious Pak Ou Caves with gold lacquered Buddha statues and the stunning Kuang Si Waterfall.

2.2. Itinerary for a 2-week trip to Vietnam and Thailand

Spend 2 weeks in Southeast Asia on an itinerary exploring the beauty of Vietnam and Thailand – two countries known for their stunning nature, fascinating culture, impressive cuisine, and reasonable costs.

  • Days 1-3 (Hanoi): Savor local delights like pho and bun cha. Discover renowned landmarks such as West Lake, Quan Thanh Temple, and museums like the History Museum and Ho Chi Minh Museum. Immerse yourself in cultural experiences, including the Water Puppet Show, visits to local markets, and friend gatherings at the vibrant beer street, Ta Hien.
  • Days 4-5 (Lan Ha Bay, Halong Bay): Opt for a cruise on Lan Ha Bay to marvel at the majestic limestone cliffs, witness breathtaking sunsets and sunrises on the sea, kayak around the bay, and try night squid fishing.

2-week Southeast Asia itinerary

  • Day 6 (Ninh Binh): Visit some spiritual, ecological, and historical attractions such as Bai Dinh Temple, the largest temple in Vietnam; Hoa Lu, the ancient capital; and Trang An, an eco-tourism site recognized by UNESCO.
  • Days 7-8 (Bangkok): Embark on a traditional long-tail boat journey to Wat Arun for a stunning view of Bangkok. Check out iconic landmarks like the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, China Town, and vibrant commercial centers.
  • Days 9-11 (Chiang Mai): Indulge in a royal relaxation treatment at a spa and explore lively night markets. Visit a Buddhist monastery, a tea plantation, and Doi Inthanon Mountain, the highest peak in Thailand.

2-week Southeast Asia itinerary

  • Days 12-14 (Phuket): Relax on the beaches of Phuket, where serene white sands meet blue waves against a backdrop of forested mountains. Make a short visit to Phuket Town to admire Sino-Portuguese-style buildings and explore the local market.

2.3. Malaysia and Singapore 14-day itinerary

In a comprehensive two-week itinerary, you will unravel the enchantments of Singapore and Malaysia, each offering a distinctive array of experiences.

  • Day 1 (Arrival in Singapore): Begin your adventure with a visit to Gardens by the Bay, a remarkable architectural feat featuring the iconic Supertree Grove.
  • Day 2 (Sentosa Island): Immerse yourself in the aquatic wonders of the S.E.A. Aquarium and seek thrills at Universal Studios Singapore.
  • Day 3 (Chinatown, Little India): Discover vibrant markets, savor delectable street food, and admire stunning Indian and Chinese architecture.
  • Day 4 (Sentosa Skyline Luge, Cable Car Ride): Experience an exhilarating ride with panoramic views of Singapore.

2-week Southeast Asia itinerary

  • Day 5 (Sentosa’s Beaches, Night Safari): Relax on Sentosa’s pristine beaches and embark on a unique nocturnal wildlife adventure at the Singapore Night Safari.
  • Day 6 (Singapore’s Museums): Gain insights into the nation’s rich history and diverse cultures.
  • Day 7 (Singapore Zoo, River Safari): Embark on a captivating journey through freshwater habitats.
  • Day 8 (Arrival in Kuala Lumpur): Commence your exploration with iconic landmarks like the Petronas Twin Towers and the bustling Bukit Bintang shopping district.
  • Day 9 (Batu Caves, Malaysian Cuisine): Visit the Batu Caves, a Hindu temple complex nestled within limestone caves. When you return, have a taste of authentic Malaysian flavors at local restaurants.
  • Day 10 (Kuala Lumpur’s Heritage): Explore the historical side of Kuala Lumpur with visits to Merdeka Square and the Islamic Arts Museum.

2-week Southeast Asia itinerary

  • Day 11 (Malacca): Take a day trip to Malacca, a UNESCO World Heritage City renowned for its rich history and colonial architecture.
  • Day 12 (Cameron Highlands): Escape the heat and head to the Cameron Highlands, known for lush tea plantations and a cool climate.
  • Day 13 (Penang): Explore George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its street art, diverse cuisine, and cultural heritage.
  • Day 14 (Penang Beaches): Conclude your journey by relaxing on Penang’s beautiful beaches and savoring a delightful seafood dinner.

2.4. Singapore and Indonesia 2-week travel itinerary

Embarking on a journey through Singapore and Indonesia promises a tapestry of thrilling memories, encompassing visits to modern architectural marvels, historical landmarks, and natural wonders.

  • Days 1-4 (Singapore): Immerse yourself in the vibrant food, urban culture, and cityscapes of Singapore. Explore iconic landmarks such as Merlion Park, Singapore Botanic Gardens, and Little India. Witness the dazzling light show in Marina Bay, delve into the cultural mix of Chinatown, and indulge in the local hawker culture.

2-week Southeast Asia itinerary

  • Day 5 (Jakarta): Savor the thriving Indonesian dining scene and explore the capital’s excellent museums and monuments.
  • Day 6 (Tanjung Puting National Park): Embark on a journey to explore the 400,000 hectares of rainforest, jungle, and mangrove swamp in Tanjung Puting National Park. Encounter diverse ecosystems, including leopards, lizards, and over 600 species of birds.
  • Day 7 (Semarang): Discover the Dutch port history of Semarang, immersing yourself in its 18th-century churches, railway heritage, and lively markets.
  • Day 8 (Borobudur): Marvel at Borobudur, a UNESCO-listed world wonder adorned with 500 Buddha statues and 2,500 relief panels.
  • Day 9 (Yogyakarta): Uncover Indonesia’s history with a visit to the 18th-century Sultan’s Palace and Taman Sari Water Castle, a royal pleasure garden. 

2-week Southeast Asia itinerary

  • Days 10-14 (Bali): Experience traditional Balinese offering rituals, go river rafting, explore traditional markets, and savor local cuisine. Later, relax on Seminyak Beach, cycle around rustic paddy fields, join a yoga class, and indulge in a sunset cruise.

2.5. 14-day Borneo and Brunei itinerary

Borneo, the expansive island spanning the territories of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei, stands as a premier natural haven and an adventure travel destination of global acclaim. Explore the intricacies of a 14-day Southeast Asia travel journey to Borneo and Brunei, brimming with captivating experiences!

  • Days 1-3 (Kuching): A vibrant river city adorned with cafes, music venues, historical landmarks, and enticing street food. Discover notable sites like the Semenggoh Orangutan Sanctuary, Sarawak State Museum, and Bako National Park.
  • Days 4-7 (Mulu National Park): A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mulu National Park is an essential eco-tourism destination, housing some of the world’s largest caves. Explore the awe-inspiring Deer Cave, featuring a 2-kilometer length and a main chamber soaring 122 meters high.

2-week Southeast Asia itinerary

  • Days 8-9 (Brunei): In Brunei, don’t miss key attractions like the Omar Ali Saifuddin and Jame’ Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosques, the sprawling Kampung Air (Southeast Asia’s largest stilt village), and the pristine Ulu Temburong National Park.
  • Days 10-11 (Kota Kinabalu): It offers a coastal retreat with opportunities for snorkeling, scuba diving, and resort-style relaxation on its five tropical islands.
  • Days 12-14 (Kinabatangan River, Ranau, Kundasang, Mount Kinabalu Park): These destinations form an eco-tourism paradise for nature enthusiasts.

2-week Southeast Asia itinerary

Embark on a transformative journey with our meticulously crafted 2-week Southeast Asia itinerary full of unforgettable exploration. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of cultures, awe-inspiring landscapes, and delectable cuisines that define this diverse region. Our comprehensive guide ensures you make the most of every moment, creating memories that will linger long after your adventure concludes.

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