8Wonder Voice Challenge Rules


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1. How to join

  • Step 1: Record a video covering any song by Charlie Puth
  • Step 2: Post on your personal Tiktok account and make it public with the hashtags #thuthach8Wonder #MeetCharliePuth #8Wonder
  • Step 3: Scan to submit your entry HERE

2. Contestants

  • Any citizen worldwide, regardless of nationality, age, or place of residence, can participate
  • Have a passion for music, especially love Charlie Puth’s songs
  • Notice: Contestants under the age of 15 must have a guardian/representative submit their entries and are responsible for the copyright of it. In the event of winning the prize, the guardian/representative will be responsible for the whole procedures of receiving the prize and managing and handing over the property to the winner.

3. Scoring

3.1. How entries are given scores

  • Round 1: Top 30 videos with the highest interaction scores will be selected for round 1. The interaction score is calculated as the sum of the total number of views + the number of hearts until 20:00, July 10, 2023.
  • Round 2: VinWonders chooses the best videos with highest scores given by our judges based on following criteria: voice quality, right music, creativity, expression and interaction with camera, etc.

3.2. Jury

  • Mr. Quoc Trung – Composer
  • Ms. Nguyen Tra My – Director of VCCA Arts Center
  • Mr. Pham Quang Minh – Deputy General Director of VCCorp/ Director of Kenh14
  • Ms. Tran Bich Viet – Marketing Director of VinWonders

4. Time

  • Participation time: From 20:00 on June 29 to 20:00 on July 14, 2023
  • Result announcement time: July 15

5. Prizes

6 contestants with the highest final scores will receive a limited Meet & Greet with Charlie Puth ticket and a GA ticket to attend 8Wonder Super Music Fest at VinWonders Nha Trang, July 22, 2023.

6. General provisions

  • Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable for cash under any circumstances. In case the winner cannot claim the prize, VinWonders & Vinfast reserve the right to award the prize to the next highest scorer.
  • Video must be uploaded within the valid time of the contest
  • Videos must comply with TikTok’s Terms of Service, community standards, and other applicable policies, and VinWonders & Vinfast reserves the right to remove any video or take other action on any video that does not comply with TikTok’s community standards and/or policies.
  • By participating in the contest, contestants agree to give VinWonders & Vinfast the right to use articles, images, videos and related content for promotion and marketing purposes. At the same time, the contestant waives all responsibility of VinWonders & Vinfast from all complaints, lawsuits and disputes related to the use of the above images/clips for brand communication.
  • Contestants are fully responsible for the copyright of the entries, including the content introducing the experience, images and videos provided to the organizers. If there is any dispute, violation of law or expense related to copyright, moral rights, image ownership, copyright of content of the entry, the contestant shall bear the full responsibility.
  • VinWonders & Vinfast reserve the right to exclude entries that do not match the contest’s criteria. If the contestant has invalid clip content, his/her right to participate in the contest will be forfeited without prior announcement.
  • Contestants MUST NOT use tools to increase views, hearts, and fake comments. VinWonders & Vinfast reserve the right to cancel the results and eliminate the entries when detecting signs of cheating.
  • Contestants need to provide accurate and complete personal information as prescribed. On the day of the Meet & & Greet event, the winner is required to present identification that matches the registered information.
  • VinWonders & Vinfast are not responsible for any expense incurred in the process of participants submitting entries and receiving prizes.
  • In the event of a dispute regarding the contest results, VinWonders & Vinfast reserve the right to make the final decision.
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