A local’s guide to saying good morning in Vietnamese and noteworthy don’ts

Good morning in Vietnamese

Good morning in Vietnamese sets the tone for a positive interaction. Here, we will show you how and when to say it along with some alternatives so you can easily greet others on your trip in Vietnam. You will surely impress everyone with what you have learned in the Vietnamese language.

1. Greeting customs in Vietnamese culture

Vietnamese greeting customs often involve a polite exchange to acknowledge each other’s presence. The traditional greeting, “Xin chào,” is commonly used. Unlike other cultures, hugging, back-patting, and cheek-kissing are rarely paired with Vietnamese greeting phrases. Accompanying “Xin chào” is usually a bow (in informal settings) or a nod (when greeting elderly people). Handshakes, though not as common, are also acceptable, with a light grip. They are typically used in business settings.

Good morning in Vietnamese

2. How to say and pronounce good morning in Vietnamese?

To wish someone “Good morning” in Vietnamese culture, you can use the phrase “Chào buổi sáng” (pronounced “chow bwow-ee sang”). This expression is a polite way to convey well wishes for a good morning and is suitable for use throughout the morning hours (3 AM – 10 AM). Breaking down the components, “Chào” serves as the standard greeting, while “buổi sáng” means “morning.”

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3. Other ways to say good morning in Vietnamese

In addition to the commonly used “Chào buổi sáng,” there are other ways to wish someone good morning in Vietnamese. The greeting you use can depend on the context and other factors, like the age of the other person and your relationship with them. 

3.1. In a direct manner

To greet someone in the morning directly, the phrase “Chào buổi sáng” is the most straightforward. But if you want alternatives, you can shorten it to just “Xin chào” or “Chào.” However, keep in mind that these might be considered disrespectful when speaking with someone older. To avoid this, you should add pronouns before and after the word “Chào.” Before “Chào”, you can add “em, con, cháu.” After “Chào”, you can add “chị, anh, dì, chú, ông, bà, etc.” All you need to do is base the pronouns on the social relationships of everyone involved in the exchange. 

Good morning in Vietnamese

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3.2. In a polite manner

To add a touch of politeness to this greeting in Vietnamese, you can say “Xin chào buổi sáng.” With the word “Xin,” the greeting becomes a more courteous way of saying good morning in Vietnamese. It reflects a respectful tone and makes you sound more well-mannered.

3.3. To a group of people

Addressing a group of individuals in the morning is appropriately done with the phrase “Chào buổi sáng, mọi người.” This translates to “Good morning everyone.” Another option is “Chào buổi sáng cả nhà,” which is often used by Vietnamese people in the northern region. You can use these phrases when you arrive at work or when you visit someone’s home in the morning. However, you should avoid using them when the group you are addressing has people who are older than you, as you will appear impolite. To avoid this, you should greet the elderly people individually first. 

Good morning in Vietnamese

3.4. In an indirect manner

In casual encounters, indirect greetings in the form of questions are quite common. For instance, if someone’s holding a bag for shopping, you can casually ask, “Are you heading to the market?” (Bạn đang đi chợ à?) Or when noticing someone with a bag, you can say, “Have you just got back?” (Bạn mới về à?) Questions like “When are you coming home?” (Bao giờ bạn về?) or “Did you drop by for a visit?” (Bạn mới qua à?) are also frequently used. 

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Good morning in Vietnamese

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Now, you know how to say good morning in Vietnamese. When you travel to Vietnam, be sure to apply what you have learned in this guide. Say “chào buổi sáng” to the locals you meet along the way and they will be impressed. They might even teach you some other Vietnamese greeting phrases! It will enhance your cultural fluency and foster warm connections with the locals, making your travels in Vietnam even more fascinating.

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