Beaches in Saigon and environs: TOP 10+ destinations for your getaway

Beaches in Saigon

Beaches in Saigon, although not as famous as those in coastal towns, offer a serene escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. They offer tranquil atmospheres and breathtaking views, making them popular getaways for travelers looking to soak up the sun after they have finished exploring Ho Chi Minh City on their Vietnam travel adventure.

1. Are there any beaches in Saigon?

Those in search of a beach in Saigon usually come to Can Gio, a rural coastal district of Ho Chi Minh City. About 50 kilometers away from the city center, Can Gio has long coastlines, immense mangrove forests, and countless seafood dishes. With these characteristics, Can Gio is chosen by many Saigonese as a destination for a weekend getaway.

In addition to having a beach on the mainland, Can Gio District also has Thanh An Island, which offers urban travelers a tranquil seaside escape of its own.

1.1. Can Gio Beach in Saigon

Among Vietnam South beaches, Can Gio Beach stands out as the closest beach to the city center of Saigon. It has smooth black sand which, combined with clear blue water, creates a very unique sight. Can Gio Beach is a green oasis that offers pristine air, delicious seafood, and unforgettable coastal paradise moments.

Beaches in Saigon

1.2. Thanh An Island

Thanh An Island, amidst Can Gio’s lush greenery, offers the most convenient beach getaway near Saigon. Accessible by bus or motorbike, followed by a short ferry ride, it is a perfect getaway for a day trip for those seeking a refreshing escape. At Thanh An Beach, the fresh atmosphere, delicious and affordable cuisine, and welcoming locals make it a charming coastal retreat.

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2. The best islands and beaches near Saigon

In addition to Can Gio Beach and Thanh An Island, there are many other Vietnam beaches and islands that are conveniently located near Saigon.

2.1. Phuoc Hai Beach – one of the best beaches near Saigon

Phuoc Hai Beach, among notable Vung Tau beaches, is situated roughly 100 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City. A must-visit for those in search of a serene escape from the urban chaos, this exquisite beach features an extensive stretch of pristine white sand and tranquil natural surroundings, providing a calm and unspoiled sanctuary for relaxation.

Beaches in Saigon

2.2. Long Son Island

Long Son Island, also among beautiful islands of Vietnam’s Vung Tau City, offers a serene and rustic charm. What truly warms the hearts of every visitor here is the genuine and humble hospitality of the friendly locals of a fishing village. Across generations, the people of Long Son have upheld their maritime traditions of cultivating oysters, producing salt, and establishing this area as one of the largest seafood processing hubs in Southern Vietnam.

2.3. Ho Coc Beach near Saigon

Vung Tau’s Ho Coc Beach, located about 170 kilometers away from Saigon, is a popular beach for day trips from Ho Chi Minh City. It offers a pristine stretch of white sand, clear sea water, and massive rock formations of various shapes nearby. The breathtaking sunrise and sunset at Ho Coc Beach are also considered the most captivating sights to behold here.

Beaches in Saigon

2.4. Suoi O Beach near Saigon

As a relatively undiscovered beach in Vung Tau, Suoi O Beach has maintained its pristine charm. One of the most remarkable highlights of this beach is the two distinct bodies of water, fresh and saltwater, separated by a beautiful sandy trail. Here, you will find a refreshing atmosphere, numerous picturesque spots for photography, and an opportunity to swim in the clear water without any worries.

2.5. Tam Duong Beach (Front Beach Vung Tau)

Tam Duong Beach (Front Beach) in Vung Tau is a popular tourist destination with its crescent-shaped shore nestled between mountains. Its central location allows easy access to Vung Tau‘s other attractions like Ho May Park and the White Palace. Moreover, you will find a variety of upscale hotels and resorts in this area, which promises a fantastic vacation experience.

Beaches in Saigon

2.6. Thuy Van Beach (Back Beach Vung Tau)

Back Beach, situated about 12 kilometers east of Vung Tau’s city center, offers a peaceful contrast to the lively atmosphere of Front Beach. Stretching approximately 5 kilometers, it is one of the most accessible destinations for those who are looking for a beach in Saigon. Besides taking part in beach activities, you can also explore nearby attractions like the White Rabbit Park, Vung Tau Lighthouse, and the Statue of Jesus Christ.

2.7. Rom Island near Ho Chi Minh City

Rom Island is in Long Son Hamlet, Mui Ne Town, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province. Although not particularly large, Rom Island is nestled at the base of a towering and majestic mountain, offering a unique and stunning landscape. Moreover, this area is home to a road often considered the most beautiful in Phan Thiet.

Beaches in Saigon

2.8. Cam Binh Beach – one of the nearest beaches to Ho Chi Minh City

Located in La Gi Town, Binh Thuan Province, Cam Binh Beach is an ideal destination for a short day trip from Saigon. Located about 150 kilometers to the east of Ho Chi Minh City, this tourist spot offers a lively atmosphere with numerous exciting recreational activities. Here, visitors can enjoy thrilling water sports, outdoor BBQ parties, team-building activities, etc. 

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Aside from the beaches in Saigon, the city has many tourist attractions for you to explore, such as Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral, Ben Thanh Market, Independence Palace, Cu Chi Tunnels, War Remnants Museum, Ton Duc Thang Museum, Saigon Central Post Office, Landmark 81 Vietnam, Bui Vien Walking Street, Nguyen Hue Street, Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts, etc.

In addition to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam offers various other destinations such as Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, and Ha Long. To make your trip more convenient in these destinations, make sure to book your accommodation in advance.

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Beaches in Saigon


Beaches in Saigon

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The beaches in Saigon and those nearby, boasting soft sandy shores and an alluring charm, offer an ideal escape for those in pursuit of tranquil serenity and sun-soaked relaxation. They will create an unforgettable holiday experience that has been attracting visitors from all corners of the globe to this enchanting corner of Vietnam.

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