Vinpearl visitors can now experience unexpected technologies such as going through auto doors, checking-in in just 3 seconds or opening the room doors, buying and paying with… smiles. This is all thanks to facial recognition technology based on artificial intelligence (AI).

In the initial phase, facial recognition application is implemented at Vinpearl Nha Trang Complex to help visitors accurately authenticate their identity in a split second when entering the hotels, resorts, VinWonders and restaurants. All manual control procedures will be replaced with facial recognition devices.

hinh anh Check in bang cong nghe nhan dien khuon mat tai Vinpearl so 1

Facial recognition technology applied at Vinpearl has 5 advantages: recognition speed of just one second, big data algorithm system capable of recognizing millions of faces, flexible real-time security alert, almost absolute accuracy and highest-level of customer information security.

With 5-star service and now advanced technology, Vinpearl visitors will enjoy 3 special experiences: checking-in at the same time for the whole family, going through auto doors and using personal privileges with high privacy. They no longer need room card when using exclusive services at buffet restaurants, private game zones… The new technology also allows visitors to minimize waiting time for procedures and travelling across Vinpearl’s subdivision.

Hinh anh Check in bang cong nghe nhan dien khuon mat tai Vinpearl

All 43 Vinpearl hotel – resort – entertainment establishments across Vietnam will in turn apply facial recognition technology in the near future. Then, visitors will not have to worry and still be welcome at the front desk if they accidentally forget to bring their personal papers. The new technology also allows features such as opening room doors, shopping at stores and checking-out to be integrated in an action.

As the first hotel – resort – entertainment chain to apply artificial intelligence in management and operation, Vinpearl has assisted Vietnam tourism – hospitality industry to reach breakthrough and affirm its brand position in the international market as well as to catch up with global smart travel trend.

Hinh anh Check in bang cong nghe nhan dien khuon mat tai Vinpearl

Facial recognition technology allows individual identification and authentication based on the method of matching a human face from a digital image or a video frame against a database of faces; searching, pinpointing and measuring facial features and other biometric factors to provide matching results. This is the biometric technology with least user interaction and fastest respond time. The technology can be applied at reception counters of buildings, hospitals, hotels in order to early categorize VIP, staff, visitors…

This new step is part of the beginning of Vinpearl’s as well as Vingroup’s digital transformation strategy, contributing to the development of digital economy in Vietnam. It is known that Vingroup is aiming to develop a multi-functional service ecosystem with hi-tech artificial intelligence application, contributing to bring Vietnam to a higher position on the technology – service world map.


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