Female names in Vietnam: 100+ MOST popular names from A to X


Female names in Vietnam: 100+ MOST popular names from A to X

Female names in Vietnam often follow a unified structure and convey special meanings. If you are curious about the implications of Vietnam names for females, read on.


Vietnamese female names reflect the country’s cultural traits (Source: Collected)During your Vietnam travel journey, you may notice that there are numerous Vietnamese women who share the same name. Female names in Vietnam not only serve as a means of communication, they also represent the historical, social, and cultural values of Vietnamese people. This article will provide you with some fascinating facts about the 100+ most common Vietnam women’s names.

1. General facts about female names in Vietnam

Compared to most Western names, such as English or French, female names in Vietnam have the given, middle, and family names in opposite order. A female name in Vietnam often begins with a surname and ends with a given name. The middle name, consisting of one or two words, is put between these two names.

The specific structure of female names in Vietnam is:


For instance, “ Nguyễn Yến Linh” (written in English as “ Nguyen Yen Linh) is a full Vietnamese name. “Nguyen” is the family name or surname, “Yen” is the middle name, and “Linh” is the given name.


Female names in Vietnam often consist of three or four words (Source: Collected)A Vietnamese female name is commonly three-word long but you can find numerous female names in Vietnam with two, four, or even five words.


  • Pham Linh (2 words)
  • Nguyen Hoang Anh (3 words)
  • Hoang Thi Khanh Huyen (4 words)
  • Le Dang Thi Nhat Linh (5 words)

2. List of common female names in Vietnam in alphabetical order

Vietnamese people typically refer to other individuals by their given names. The list of Vietnam female names and their meanings is provided below.

2.1. Vietnam female names that start with the letters A, B, C, and D

  • An: peace
  • Ái: beloved
  • Anh: clever
  • Ân: precious
  • Ánh: light
  • Bảo: protection
  • Bích: jade
  • Bé: baby
  • Bê: doll
  • Bạch: pure
  • Châu: pear
  • Cúc: chrysanthemums
  • Chinh: determined
  • Chi: grass
  • Đào: peach blossom
  • Diệu: charming
  • Dịu: gentle
  • Điệp: butterfly
  • Dung: generous
  • Diệp: leaf
  • Đan: sincere
  • Duyên: graceful
  • Dương: sea

2.2. Vietnam female names that start with the letters G, H, and K

  • Giang: river
  • Hà: river
  • Hạ: summer
  • Hoa: flower
  • Hằng: moon
  • Hiền: quiet
  • Huệ: lily
  • Hường: pink rose
  • Hạnh: moral
  • Hương: perfume
  • Hải: ocean
  • Hân: joyful
  • Hòa: calm
  • Hoài: awaiting
  • Khánh: cheerful
  • Khuyên: elegant
  • Kiều: pretty
  • Kim: silver or gold


Female names in Vietnam often have special meanings (Source: Collected)

2.3. Vietnam female names that start with the letters L, M, and N

  • Linh: little bell
  • Lan: orchid flower
  • Ly: lily flower
  • Lê: pear
  • Lành: safe
  • Lam: blue
  • Lệ: tear
  • Liễu: venereal flower
  • Loan: phoenix
  • Liên: lotus
  • My: nightingale
  • Mỹ: beautiful
  • Mỵ: charming
  • Minh: smart
  • Mai: yellow apricot flower
  • Mây: cloud
  • Nữ: girl
  • Ngân: precious thing
  • Như: tender
  • Nhung: velvet
  • Nga: pretty
  • Ngọc: gem
  • Nguyệt: moon
  • Nghi: mature

2.4. Vietnam female names that start with the letters P, Q, and S

  • Phương: destiny
  • Phụng: phoenix
  • Phượng: phoenix
  • Quý: precious
  • Quế: cinnamon
  • Quyên: acredula trivirgata – an important bird in Asian culture
  • Quỳnh: night-blooming cereus flower
  • Sương: fog
  • San: pure
  • Sang: wealthy
  • Sen: lotus flower
  • Son: lucky
  • Sung: rich

2.5. Vietnam female names start with the letters T, V, and X

  • Tài: gifted or affluent
  • Tâm: heart
  • Thắm: grace
  • Thanh: bright blue
  • Thơ: poem
  • Thơm: fragrant
  • Thảo: sweet grass
  • Thiên: heaven
  • Thọ: long life
  • Thương: beloved
  • Thủy: water
  • Thúy: beautiful
  • Thùy: friendly
  • Trang: intelligent
  • Trinh: virtuous
  • Trúc: bamboo
  • Tiên: angel
  • Triệu: rich
  • Thu: autumn
  • Thư: adorable
  • Tuyết: snow white
  • Tú: star
  • Tình: love
  • Tuyến: determined
  • Vân: cloud
  • Vinh: glory
  • Vy: cute
  • Xuân: Spring
  • Xinh: beautiful
  • Xuyến: precious


Female names in Vietnam are often derived from flowers and qualities of good women (Source: Collected)Exploring Vietnamese culture, such as learning about the structure and meanings of female names in Vietnam, is an essential part of any Vietnam trip. However, don’t forget to also admire the impressive natural landscapes and architectural landmarks, as well as visit the entertainment sites at some touristy destinations in Vietnam, such as HanoiHo Chi Minh CityHa LongPhu QuocNha TrangHoi AnDa Nang, etc.

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