Flights to Vietnam from SFO (San Francisco): What you need to know

Flights to Vietnam from SFO

Due to its allure as one of the most captivating tourist spots in Asia, there are a multitude of flights to Vietnam from SFO (San Francisco). Gaining a comprehensive insight into these flight options will ensure your readiness for your imminent expedition. Read on to grab the most budget-friendly airfare and facilitate a smooth Vietnam travel journey.

1. Which airlines operate flights to Vietnam from SFO?

All departures for flights to Vietnam from SFO take place exclusively at San Francisco International Airport. This airport is identified by its IATA code SFO and ICAO code KSFO. Positioned just 21 kilometers to the south of downtown San Francisco, SFO serves as a pivotal air travel hub, boasting an extensive network of routes spanning across the Americas. However, its significance extends beyond this region, as it stands as a significant gateway connecting not only to Europe but also to the vast expanses of Asia and Oceania.

Flights to Vietnam from SFO

1.1. Direct flights from SFO to Vietnam

Vietnam Airlines holds the distinction of being the sole Vietnamese airline to offer non-stop flights connecting Vietnam and the United States in both directions. These non-stop flights offer a convenient and time-efficient travel option between San Francisco and Ho Chi Minh City, catering to a range of passenger preferences and budgets. 

Here is a detailed overview of the SFO to Vietnam non-stop flights operated by Vietnam Airlines:

  • Route: San Francisco (SFO) – Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)
  • Distance: Approximately 14,000 kilometers from San Francisco, traversing air traffic regions including Canada, Alaska, Russia, Mongolia, China, and Hong Kong.
  • Frequency: 4-7 flights per week
  • Direct Flight Time: 16 hours 10 minutes (significantly shorter compared to transit flights, which can take 16-32 hours).
  • Ticket prices: There are three classes with different airfares available for direct flights between the US and Vietnam.
    • Economy Class: Starting from 866 USD (excluding taxes and fees)
    • Premium Economy Class: Priced at 3550 USD (excluding taxes and fees)
    • Business Class: Available at 3800 USD (excluding taxes and fees)

Flights to Vietnam from SFO

1.2. Transit flights from SFO to Vietnam

In addition to the convenient direct flights available between SFO and Vietnam, travelers have the option of selecting transit flights that involve 1-2 intermediate points during their journey from San Francisco to Vietnam. These transit flights introduce an expanded array of possibilities, with various esteemed international airlines offering more frequent schedules. Each airline has the potential to operate up to one flight per day, contingent upon their individual flight itineraries.

Flights to Vietnam from SFO

Distinguished carriers, including Korean Air and Asiana Airlines (via Seoul), All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines (via Tokyo), Singapore Airlines (via Singapore), Cathay Pacific (via Hong Kong), EVA Air and China Airlines (via Taipei), Qatar Airways (via Doha), and Emirates Airlines (via Dubai), contribute to the diverse range of options for transit flights along this route. These well-regarded airlines provide travelers with an extended selection of flight times and routes, ensuring flexibility and tailored choices to suit individual preferences.

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2. Flight time & airfares of flights to Vietnam from SFO

When considering transit flights to Vietnam from SFO, a range of flight times and airfares offer passengers a spectrum of options to match their preferences:

Flights to Vietnam from SFO

3. Guide to popular flight routes from San Francisco to Vietnam

3.1. Flights from SFO to Hanoi Vietnam

There are numerous flights from San Francisco to Hanoi provided by reputable airlines, ensuring a wide range of options for passengers and accommodating various travel schedules and preferences.

Route Airlines Airfares (USD)
San Francisco (SFO) – Hanoi (HAN) Asiana Airlines 550
American Airlines 520
Japan Airlines 480
Turkish Airlines 540
EVA Airways 670
Cathay Pacific Airways 590
Delta Air Lines 517
Korean Air 620
Singapore Airlines 621
Qatar Airways 680
United Airlines 570
ANA All Nippon Airways 580
Philippine Airlines 600
Emirates 606
Vietnam Airlines 498


3.2. Flights from SFO to Ho Chi Minh City

Compared to Hanoi, there are more airlines operating flights from San Francisco to Ho Chi Minh City, providing travelers with an expanded array of choices and potentially more frequent departures.

Route Airlines Airfares (USD)
San Francisco (SFO) – Ho Chi Minh (SGN) EVA Airways 485
Delta Air Lines 650
Japan Airlines 550
Asiana Airlines 520
Cathay Pacific Airways 480
Singapore Airlines 540
American Airlines 670
Korean Air 535
ANA All Nippon Airways 590
China Airlines 517
Qatar Airways 620
United Airlines 621
Emirates 680
Philippine Airlines 570
Air France 580
Air Canada 600
Vietnam Airlines 495


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4. Tips for booking cheap flights from SFO to Vietnam

Here are some valuable tips to consider when booking affordable flights to Vietnam from SFO, shared by experts in the realm of snagging budget-friendly airline tickets:

  • Flexible dates and early booking: Keep your travel dates flexible and try to book your tickets well in advance. This increases your chances of finding lower fares and better deals.
  • Airfare comparison websites: Utilize airfare comparison websites to compare prices across different airlines and travel agencies. These platforms can help you identify the most cost-effective options.
  • Avoid weekend flights: Whenever possible, steer clear of booking flights during weekends, as they tend to be pricier due to higher demand.
  • Individual vs. Group bookings: Opt for individual ticket bookings, even if you’re traveling in a group. This strategy capitalizes on the limited availability of cheaper seats on each flight. Booking separately could secure these lower fares, whereas a group booking might assign a standard fare to the entire group.
  • Maximize miles and rewards: Leverage loyalty programs and rewards offered by credit cards and payment platforms. These benefits can significantly reduce your flight expenses when hunting for tickets from the US to Vietnam.

By implementing these tried-and-true tactics, you can enhance your chances of scoring affordable flights and make your journey from SFO to Vietnam more cost-effective.

Flights to Vietnam from SFO

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Flights to Vietnam from SFO


Flights to Vietnam from SFO

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Vietnam calls out to those with a thirst for adventure, drawn by its breathtaking natural landscapes. Hopefully, this article has equipped you with essential information about flights to Vietnam from SFO as well as valuable tips on obtaining budget-friendly airfares for this enchanting S-shaped nation. May your voyage to Vietnam be adorned with extraordinary moments amidst its picturesque marvels!

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