Hotter than summer are tickets to meet Charlie Puth in Nha Trang


Booming on social media in recent days is the news of the gathering of global hitmaker Charlie Puth and Vietnamese artists at the 8Wonder concert at Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang. Although tickets were not officially opened for sale, the ticketing system has recorded a huge number of visitors.

Global "Hitmaker" Charlie Puth

Global “Hitmaker” Charlie Puth

As expected, all early bird VVIP, VIP, GA 1,2 tickets were all sold out in about 50 minutes. And just 2 hours later, the GA 3, 4 tickets were quickly sold out. Many fans left regretful comments on social networks because they couldn’t hunt for a prime seat to be able to see and meet their idols at a close distance.

24h countdown to the open of 8Wonder early bird ticket 

24h countdown to the open of 8Wonder early bird ticket

Also on the evening of the early ticket sale, fans were extremely excited when the first Vietnamese artist revealed – HIEUTHUHAI will appear in the line-up on July 22. “Prince of the rap kingdom” is one of the most favorite rappers of young audience with hot hit music songs: “Cua”, “Vệ tinh (Satellite)”, “Ngủ một mình (Sleeping alone)”, etc.

Music Festival 8Wonder


After that, the remain including Ha Anh Tuan, Ho Ngoc Ha, Mono, tlinh, Amee were also announced, promising to ignite the 8Wonder Super Music Festival.

Music Festival 8Wonder


8Wonder – the music festival is the highlight, fully closing the series of “eternal festivals” WonderFest 2023 – an annual international sea festival at Vinpearl Nha Trang. The journey to experience the “unlimited emotional wonders” 8Wonder will start at 4 PM, with more than 6 hours of endless excitement and sublimation with top-level music, eye-catching performances, superb cuisine, colorful carnivals, entertainment and interactive activities, etc. This will be a playground for Vietnamese and global music icons, as well as the “dreamland” of rising young artists to live with music.

Along with the heat of the line-up of popular Vpop singers that will be continuously revealed and announced in the coming days, 8Wonder will definitely continue to “stir up” this summer until the July 22, becoming the most valuable experience this summer for music lovers.

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