New Delhi to Phu Quoc: The best transport option for travelers 2023

Delhi to Phu Quoc

Traveling from New Delhi to Phu Quoc is one way to go from India to Vietnam. Before embarking on this route, you should know about the distance, travel time, flight options, and expected fares. We also provide some tips to help you find the best deals. Read on for a hassle-free trip to Phu Quoc from New Delhi and a great Vietnam travel experience.

1. Traveling from New Delhi to Phu Quoc: Distance and travel time

The distance from New Delhi to Phu Quoc covers over 3,200 kilometers, and flights can take from 9 to 12 hours depending on the time of layover. In addition to checking out this Phu Quoc travel guide, it is also important to note that New Delhi’s time zone is GMT+5:30, while Phu Quoc is GMT+7. In other words, New Delhi is 1.5 hours behind Phu Quoc. 

Delhi to Phu Quoc

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2. Are there direct flights to Phu Quoc from New Delhi?

There are currently no direct flights from Delhi to Phu Quoc International Airport. Travelers will need to take indirect flights, with layovers in either Hanoi (Vietnam), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), or Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, and AirAsia are some airlines that offer these flights. Notably, Vietnam Airlines and Vietjet Air are two popular airlines in Vietnam. They are both reliable options with many classes of tickets for passengers to choose from. 

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3. Airfares of New Delhi to Phu Quoc flights

Indirect flights from New Delhi to Phu Quoc can cost from 6,000,000 VND to 12,000,000 VND, depending on the ticket class and airline you choose. The time of booking and the time of departure are also factors that can influence airfares. For the most up-to-date pricing information, you should reach out to the airline. 

Delhi to Phu Quoc

4. Tips to find cheap flights from New Delhi to Phu Quoc

Whether you are planning a vacation or a business trip, these tips will help you navigate the world of airfare deals and discover budget-friendly options for your journey.

  • Use flight search engines: Start by using flight search engines like Google Flights, Skyscanner, Kayak, or Expedia to compare prices across different airlines.
  • Be flexible with dates: If possible, be flexible with your travel dates. Sometimes, flying a day earlier or later can make a significant difference in prices.
  • Book in advance: Generally, booking your flight a few months in advance can help you secure lower fares.
  • Opt for mid-week flights: Flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to be cheaper as they are less popular.
  • Consider other airports: Check if there are cheaper flights from other airports to Phu Quoc, and be willing to travel a bit to catch your desired flight.
  • Sign up for fare alerts: Subscribe to fare alert emails from airlines and travel websites. This way, you’ll be notified when the prices drop.
  • Use airline miles and rewards: If you have frequent flyer miles or credit card rewards, check if you can redeem them for your flight.
  • Avoid peak travel seasons: Traveling during off-peak seasons can lead to lower fares and less crowded flights.
  • Check for special deals: Keep an eye out for airline promotions, discounts, and flash sales.

Delhi to Phu Quoc

Remember that airfares can fluctuate, so it is a good idea to monitor them for a while before booking your tickets. Additionally, read the terms and conditions carefully, as some budget airlines may charge extra fees that can affect the overall cost.

Now that you are equipped with all the necessary information on how to go to Phu Quoc from New Delhi, you can arrange your transportation and start planning a Phu Quoc itinerary

Consider visiting Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc, Phu Quoc National Park, May Rut Island, Tranh Stream, Long Beach, and Ong Lang Beach for some fun amidst nature. Meanwhile, Ham Ninh Fishing Village, Duong Dong Market, and Phu Quoc Night Market are among the best places to immerse yourself in the local culture. 

If you want to glimpse into the historical and spiritual sides of the island, you can explore Phu Quoc Prison and Su Muon Pagoda. And for endless entertainment, VinWonders Phu Quoc and Grand World Phu Quoc are unrivaled. You can spend hours there without worrying about running out of things to do or getting bored. 

Delhi to Phu Quoc

For accommodation, Vinpearl Phu Quoc is your best bet. You can unwind in spacious rooms and enjoy world-class amenities like pools, spas, gyms, and dining options. At Vinpearl, you are guaranteed an experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Delhi to Phu Quoc

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With the information above, you can now confidently embark on your journey from New Delhi to Phu Quoc. Remember to follow the tips we have provided above to save money on airfares. That way, you will have a larger budget to make the most of your time in Phu Quoc.

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