Ninh Binh in December: guide to have a perfect trip with your loved ones

Ninh Binh in December

Ninh Binh in December is a captivating facet of Vietnam travel, which offers a tranquil escape from all the hustles and bustles that no one can miss. With cool temperatures and dry conditions, Ninh Binh showcases its picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage, making it an enchanting destination for those exploring Vietnam in December.

1. Information about Ninh Binh in December

Ninh Binh weather in December is notably chilly and dry, resembling the North Vietnam weather in winter. On an average day, temperatures typically range from a high of 21°C to a low of 14°C. In Ninh Binh’s winter, specifically in December, there is a mere 16% chance of rainfall, with an average precipitation of 13.0 millimeters and humidity averaging at 76%, making it the least humid month. The skies in Ninh Binh in December are clear or sunny for an average of 11.3 hours per day. Additionally, the wind blows at an average speed of 20.1 kilometers per hour, making December the windiest month of the year.

Ninh Binh in December

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2. Is Ninh Binh worth visiting in December?

If you are pondering, “Is Ninh Binh worth visiting in December?” the answer is a resounding yes. Ninh Binh weather December is characterized by cool and dry weather, making it an excellent time for outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, and immersing yourself in the stunning landscapes of Tam Coc, Trang An, and Mua Cave. 

Additionally, the month provides a perfect opportunity to explore the numerous temples, pagodas, and cultural attractions in the region. Don’t overlook Ninh Binh – a remarkable tourist destination boasting abundant historical and cultural relics, famous landscapes, and diverse natural ecological environments.

Ninh Binh in December


Ninh Binh in December

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3. Top 5 places to visit on your trip to Ninh Binh in December

When visiting Ninh Binh in winter, make sure not to miss the various things to do in Ninh Binh in December recommended below!

3.1. Trang An Landscape Complex

Trang An Landscape Complex is a must-visit destination in Ninh Binh. Encompassing over 2,000 hectares, the site features a 250-million-year-old geological system of limestone mountains, flooded forests, and archaeological relics, including artifacts from the Dinh and Tran dynasties, temples, and pagodas. Visitors can embark on traditional sampan cruises rowed by local guides, meandering through rivers and mountains, listening to historical tales, and experiencing a profound connection with the natural surroundings. The harmonious blend of deep green rainforests, gray limestone formations, blue-green waters, and green-yellow rice paddies creates an unforgettable landscape. Additionally, you can also paddle a kayak by yourself to explore iconic sites here such as Ba Giot Cave, Bright Cave, Dark Cave, Tran Temple, etc.

Ninh Binh in December

3.2. Tam Coc – Bich Dong

Tam Coc-Bich Dong tourist area is an ideal destination in Ninh Binh in December for those seeking tranquility in the Vietnamese countryside. Renowned for its karst mountains rising majestically from rice fields, it houses ancient temples with historical and spiritual significance. A highlight is the Tam Coc boat tour along the Ngo Dong River, which offers a relaxing journey through caves and rice fields. Immerse yourself in the spectacular views of mountains, rivers, and peaceful riverside life. Along the way, cultural and historical sites like Bich Dong Pagoda – an enduring cultural and historical treasure in Vietnam, provide you with an opportunity to both pay homage and gain deeper insights into Buddhism in Vietnam. Thai Vi Temple also adds to the region’s spiritual enchantment, while Thien Huong Grotto amplifies the natural beauty of Tam Coc-Bich Dong.

Ninh Binh in December

3.3. Mua Caves

Visiting Ninh Binh in December, don’t overlook Mua Caves, a unique spot for panoramic views of Tam Coc from above and renowned for eco-tourism and popular mountain climbing activities. The highlight here is Mua Mountain and its unique architectural structures, such as the pathway leading to the summit, which is adorned with beautifully carved sculptures like dragons and phoenixes. Climbing the 486 stone steps to the summit reveals the breathtaking beauty of Tam Coc, with endless green rice fields, majestic mountains, and the flowing Ngô Đồng River, creating a serene and lush panorama. Additionally, on the summit of Mua Mountain, there are several other interesting features, including a towering spire situated at the highest point, constructed in the architectural style of a Buddhist pagoda—a superb photo spot that you cannot afford to miss when visiting this place.

Ninh Binh in December

3.4. Hoa Lu Ancient Capital

The Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, a former imperial city of Vietnam dating back thousands of years, is a special destination steeped in cultural and historical value. Despite the marks of time, it exudes a quiet grandeur reminiscent of a bygone era. Visitors can explore two historic temples dedicated to Kings Dinh Tien Hoang and Le Dai Hanh, showcasing traditional Vietnamese architecture with dragon, cloud, and floral motifs. The site also features unique artifacts such as the Long Sang, a national treasure with intricate carvings representing the skill and artistry of 17th-century craftsmen. Amidst the majestic mountains, beautiful nature, and historical tales, Hoa Lu offers a journey through Vietnam’s feudal history, complete with archaeological sites, historical museums, and historic temples.

Ninh Binh in December

3.5. Bai Dinh Pagoda

Bai Dinh Pagoda, one of Vietnam’s esteemed Buddhist temples, is a must-visit during your trip to Ninh Binh in December. Recognized as a significant worship site for Buddhists, Taoists, and Mother Goddess followers, the complex includes an ancient pagoda nestled in caves on the slope and a newly constructed, larger pagoda. The expansive new Bai Dinh Pagoda boasts impressive structures such as The Bell Tower, the longest corridor in Asia with 500 Arhat Statues, The Pearl Well dating back 1,000 years, and the Hall of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara featuring an 80-ton bronze figure adorned with gold. Notable additions include the Bao Thap Tower housing sacred Buddha relics and the largest outdoor bronze Maitreya Statue in Southeast Asia.

Ninh Binh in December

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4. Tips for your best excursion to Ninh Binh in December

Consider these travel suggestions for your December visit to Ninh Binh:

  • Dress for the weather: The Ninh Binh weather December is generally cold and dry, so don’t forget to pack warm layers to stay comfortable. Additionally, opt for comfortable shoes suitable for exploring various tourist attractions.
  • Stay informed about the weather: Given the unpredictable nature of the weather, it is wise to check the forecast before planning outdoor activities.
  • Secure accommodations ahead of time: Although December sees fewer crowds than the peak season, it is prudent to book accommodations in advance to ensure a hassle-free experience and avoid any last-minute inconveniences.

Ninh Binh in December

Explore beyond Ninh Binh in December by taking a day trip to Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam, boasting numerous tourist attractions and delicious cuisine, just approximately 90 kilometers away. You can also venture to other captivating destinations in Vietnam, such as Ho Chi Minh CityNha TrangPhu Quoc and Ha Long

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Ninh Binh in December

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Ninh Binh in December unfolds as a serene haven for those seeking a peaceful retreat in Vietnam. The cool and dry weather enhances the beauty of its landscapes and cultural wonders, creating a unique and memorable experience for visitors. Whether exploring ancient temples, cruising along scenic rivers, or indulging in the local cuisine, Ninh Binh in December offers a perfect blend of tranquility and cultural richness for a delightful winter getaway.

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