Phu Quoc United Center kicks starts the tourism industry in Vietnam

The start to entertainment 24/7

Among international tourists coming to Vietnam, the statistics show that only 10% – 40% wish to come back a second time, according to the Asia-Pacific Tourism Association. Meanwhile, this rate in Thailand is a significantly higher 80%. In addition, the average spending rate of international visitors in Vietnam is only 96 USD/day, while in Thailand this number surges to 163 USD/day, and in Phuket and Bangkok specifically, the figure increases to more than 200 USD/day. In the neighboring Singapore, the average spending amount is 272 USD/day. 

The Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Tourism Association, Vu The Binh, said that returning visitors often belong to the conference, business, resort, and shopping segments (in other words, primarily MICE tourism). Thailand has for long acquired the reputation as the paradise of shopping and hospitality, while Singapore is widely known as an international financial center and a city of world-class entertainment hubs, recreational activities and shopping malls. 

phu-quoc-united-center-1The “leverage” that brings Vietnamese tourism to the world’s map

The economist Nguyen Minh Phong also points out that in addition to having an unprecedented scale in Vietnam, Phu Quoc United Center also has a special geographical location. Grand World, an unique model of night-time economy, will further add to Phu Quoc’s competitve advantage. 


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