Vietnam passport visa-free countries: The latest updates you should know

Vietnam passport visa-free countries

In an increasingly interconnected world, international travel has become an essential part of both business and leisure. For holders of a Vietnam passport, navigating the intricate web of visa requirements can be a crucial factor in planning overseas trips. We will bring you the latest updates and a list of Vietnam passport visa-free countries for Vietnam passport holders.

1. How many countries can Vietnam passport enter without visa now?

As highlighted by the latest Hanley Passport Index released on July 18th, Vietnam passport’s ranking has risen to 82nd out of 199 countries and territories, a notable improvement of 6 ranks from its position in January 2023, and an even more impressive climb of 10 ranks compared to its position in 2022. 

Thus, Vietnam passport holders can gain access to an impressive array of 55 countries and territories across the globe, including some countries in Asia, by just getting a visa-on-arrival or even no visas at all. This results in a remarkable expansion in travel opportunities for Vietnam passport holders.

This achievement signifies a significant leap forward, underscoring the growing strength of the Vietnam passport. This visa-free accessibility not only enhances the ease of international travel for Vietnamese passport holders but also reflects the increasing recognition of Vietnam’s global influences and diplomatic relations.

Vietnam passport visa-free countries

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2. The full list of Vietnam passport visa-free countries 2023

The comprehensive list of Vietnam passport visa-free countries for 2023 encompasses 55 destinations in total.

2.1. Countries with visa-free entry for Vietnam passport holders

Vietnam passport holders enjoy the privilege of visa-free travel to the following 23 Vietnam passport visa-free countries and territories:

Cambodia Laos Chile St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Indonesia Kyrgyzstan Ecuador Micronesia
Philippines Myanmar Suriname Niue
Malaysia Singapore Barbados Cook Islands
Kazakhstan Thailand Dominica Oman
Brunei Panama Haiti  


Vietnam passport visa-free countries

2.2. Countries offering visa-on-arrival for Vietnam passport holders

Vietnam passport holders have the option of obtaining a visa on arrival in the following 30 countries and territories:

Marshall Islands Kuwait Tanzania Guiné-Bissau Namibia
Palau Islands Bolivia Togo Madagascar Rwanda
Samoa Maldives Burundi Malawi Seychelles
Tuvalu Nepal Cape Verde Mauritania Sierra Leone
St. Lucia Tajikistan Comoro Islands Mauritius Somalia
Iran Timor-Leste Djibouti Mozambique Zambia


Vietnam passport visa-free countries

2.3. Countries with Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for Vietnam passport holders

Vietnamese citizens are required to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) prior to traveling to Sri Lanka and Taiwan.

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3. Vietnam passport visa-free countries for those having an APEC Card

The APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) serves as a valuable alternative to traditional visas. Designed to facilitate efficient travel, ABTC holders are granted entry privileges to APEC member countries participating in the ABTC program.

It is important to note that while the ABTC streamlines travel procedures, it does not replace the need for a valid passport. Therefore, when visiting any APEC member country, cardholders must present both their ABTC and a valid passport for entry.

In accordance with the relevant regulations, the competent authorities of APEC member countries issue ABTCs to their citizens. This collaborative approach underscores the commitment of APEC member countries to fostering cross-border cooperation.

For Vietnamese passport holders, possessing an ABTC can open doors to an array of visa-free privileges. With this card in hand, Vietnamese individuals can enjoy visa exemptions in these countries and territories: 

Australia Taiwan Mexico
Russia Peru The Philippines
Chile Papua New Guinea South Korea
China Indonesia Japan
Brunei Malaysia New Zealand
Hong Kong Thailand Singapore

Vietnam passport visa-free countries

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If you are a foreign traveler planning a Vietnam travel, it is essential to know how to get a Vietnamese visa, acquaint yourself with Vietnam visa policies and relevant information regarding Vietnam visa exemption, e-visa for Vietnam, and other Vietnam entry requirements. This will pave the way for a smooth and hassle-free travel experience. Additionally, don’t forget to check out the best time to visit Vietnam to ensure a wonderful journey.

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Vietnam passport visa-free countries


Vietnam passport visa-free countriesVietnam passport visa-free countries

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Armed with knowledge about the ever-expanding array of Vietnam passport visa-free countries, travelers can embark on their journeys with confidence, ready to embrace the diverse cultures, landscapes, and experiences that the world has to offer. As international travel continues to evolve, the Vietnam passport stands as a gateway to boundless discovery, epitomizing the spirit of exploration that enriches our life and connects us all.

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