Vietnamese bus tickets: The BEST guide for getting around on a budget

Vietnamese bus ticket

Getting a Vietnamese bus ticket should be on top of the bucket list of all budget-travelers who are planning Vietnam travel. With a bus network that is developing rapidly and covering all routes around cities in Vietnam, traveling by bus is becoming a favored choice for many tourists.

1. Vietnamese bus tickets in accordance with the types of vehicles

There are a handful of transportation options for you to choose from while visiting Vietnam. Buses come in all price ranges and cover all routes around the cities, allowing passengers to have the utmost flexibility.

  • Seated bus: This type of vehicle is usually for long-distance travels. Most buses can carry about 30 – 45 passengers and are equipped with air-conditioners, water bottles, and towels. Tickets for seated buses are usually sold at bus stations or through online platforms.
  • Sleeper bus ticket: The sleeper bus in Vietnam is a favored choice for traveling intercity overnight. Most buses have reclining seats or loungers, wifi, and toilets, which deliver a comfortable experience during long journeys. You can obtain a ticket through online platforms or at bus stations. 
  • Public bus: Vietnamese public buses provide a budget-friendly means around the cities. These buses are usually less comfortable and more crowded as it is a popular choice for commuters. Tickets can be acquired once you board the vehicle.
  • Minivan bus: An alternative to sleeper buses is the minivan bus, which travels shorter routes between major cities and popular tourist destinations. Minivan buses carry less passengers and offer more comfort compared to other types of buses. Minivan bus tickets can be booked through ticket agencies or bus operators.

Vietnamese bus ticket

In general, Vietnam bus travel provides a cost-effective means of getting around during your vacation. In recent years, the bus system has been well-developed and suitable for all your transportation needs. Bus tickets are also easy to get.

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2. How many ways to book Vietnamese bus tickets?

2.1. Online

The most convenient way to acquire a Vietnamese bus ticket is through online platforms. There are various websites for you to choose from, with numerous bus operators that offer different services. This is a reliable way to obtain tickets for your trips. 

Booking Vietnamese bus tickets online allows you to check all the necessary information regarding the bus companies in Vietnam, vehicle types, pick-up and drop-off points, and the timetable for your journey. You can compare and pick out the most suitable bus operators and routes for your trip. Booking Vietnamese bus tickets online also allows you to select your favored seats to get the most comfort.

2.2. Via travel agencies

Most hotels and hostels in Vietnam offer ticket booking services that you can use any time during your stay. The hotel staff will handle all the required procedures which will save you on the trouble of booking.

There are also numerous travel agencies that can help you with acquiring travel tickets. You can find them in almost every crowded area of most cities in Vietnam, thus it is a simple way of obtaining Vietnamese bus tickets.

Vietnamese bus ticket

2.3. At bus stations

You can also buy tickets directly from the ticket offices at bus stations, where there are different ticket offices from various bus operators. Buying tickets from these offices will often be cheaper than buying from travel agencies, although the stations are usually located far from city centers and tickets might be unavailable. 

If you are going to buy Vietnamese bus tickets at bus stations, beware of scammers who will attempt to trick you into buying higher priced tickets. For that reason, you should only acquire tickets at authorized ticket offices.

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3. Cost of Vietnamese bus tickets: Determining factors and average prices

Vietnamese bus ticket prices have a diverse range depending on different factors. The length of the travel routes plays a crucial role, as further destinations will cost you more. Better-equipped buses will also charge more for their journey. Local public buses usually charge less than 1 USD for a ticket. For intercity buses, you can find many options with prices under 50 USD, which can vary based on the destination and bus type.

Vietnamese bus ticket

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4. Tips for budget travelers on Vietnamese bus tickets

During peak travel periods such as holidays, you should book tickets in advance to ensure a seat on your preferred vehicle. Booking in advance also offers you better priced tickets. Be sure to also check various Vietnamese bus schedules to fit your timetable.

Upon booking bus tickets, you should always check the pickup points to avoid confusion. Keep in mind that some cities have more than one bus station, thus being sure of where your bus is parked is of considerable importance. Some bus companies in Vietnam offer pick-up at your accommodation, which can save you a lot of trouble finding the right destination.

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To plan for a memorable trip to Vietnam, you might also want to take a look at the best time to visit Vietnam. If you are still wondering about the best places to visit in Vietnam, there are countless tourist destinations for you to choose from. Some of the most popular cities include Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Ha Long, all of which will deliver unmatched experiences. 

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Vietnamese bus ticket


Vietnamese bus ticket

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If you are planning for a low-expense trip in Vietnam, getting a Vietnamese bus ticket should be on your bucket list. Traveling by bus is one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways of getting around your destinations during your holiday. With the development of the bus system in Vietnam, you will have a pleasant experience getting around on buses in Vietnam.

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