VinFast VF 3 revealed test version

VinFast VF 3 revealed test version

The VF 3 pre-production models don’t have significant differences in appearance compared to the previous simulated images.

On the evening of July 3rd, the first real-life images of the small electric car model VF 3 were posted on VinFast’s official fan page. The VF 3 in reality doesn’t differ much from the previous simulated images. According to the plan, the VF 3 will be showcased at an event on July 7th, along with its two “older brothers,” the VF 6 and VF 7.

VF 3 lo dien anh 1

The actual VF 3 is not too different from the previous simulation. Photo: VinFast.

The VinFast VF 3 has a high ground clearance with a rugged SUV-style design. The design of the VF 3 reminds one of Jimny, Suzuki’s small off-road vehicle. The car has only 3 doors and 4 seats inside.

The front of the VF 3 is assembled with large layout sections, such as the extended front bumper reaching the front wheel arches. Square-shaped grille encloses both the main headlights and the distinctive V logo of VinFast.

Similarly, the rear wheel arches are covered with extended black plastic that extends to the rear bumper. The simple taillight cluster is positioned on both sides, making way for a chrome strip that surrounds the VinFast logo. The overall length of the VF 3 is about 3,114 mm, which is slightly over 200 mm longer than the Wuling Hongguang (2,920 mm).

According to VinFast’s announcement, the VF 3 will be equipped with 16-inch wheels, larger than its competitor, the Wuling Hongguang (12-inch wheels). In fact, the VF 3’s wheels are even larger than those of A-segment cars like the Hyundai Grand i10 or the Kia Morning, which have the same 15-inch diameter.

The interior of the VF 3 is impressive with a digital instrument cluster and a modern steering wheel with touch-sensitive buttons. It is highly likely that the production version of the VF 3 will be equipped with electronic parking brake and a button-type gearshift.

VF 3 lo dien anh 2

The interior of the VF 3 is in a minimalist, modern style. Photo: VinFast.

Information about the engine and operating range of the VF 3 has not been disclosed. The Vietnamese automaker only revealed that the VF 3 will have two versions, Eco and Plus, similar to its older siblings. Being in the mini car segment, it is likely that the VinFast VF 3 will have an operating range of under 200 km, similar to the Wuling Hongguang.

With its modern features and rugged high-ground design, the VinFast VF 3 is predicted to have a price starting from 300 million VND. This price is slightly higher than the highest version of the Wuling Hongguang (282 million VND). Similarly, the VF 3 will have to compete with the used A-segment car market, which has the advantage of wider availability.

According to plan, VinFast will start accepting deposits for the VF 3 from September this year, and the estimated delivery time is in the third quarter of 2024.

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