VinWonders Phu Quoc 2023: Explore the BIGGEST theme park in Vietnam



VinWonders Phu Quoc is a favorite choice of many tourists to relax and have fun at

VinWonders Phu Quoc attracts a large number of domestic and international tourists to visit and have fun to the fullest. Thanks to a bunch of rousing activities in 6 outstanding subdivisions, this theme park will surely not disappoint you in your trip to the pearl island. Explore it now and be ready for the best entertainment experience ever in your life!

1. About VinWonders Phu Quoc

VinWonders Phu Quoc is Vietnam’s biggest theme park and has been among the top theme parks with the largest scale and number of games in Asia. It has an area of ​​​​nearly 50 hectares and is located in Phu Quoc United Center – the super complex of resorts, shophouses and entertainment areas at Long Beach, Ganh Dau Commune, Phu Quoc Island.

Different from a common amusement park in Vietnam, VinWonders Phu Quoc Theme Park has 6 subdivisions which represent 6 territories with 12 unique themes inspired by famous civilizations of mankind, fairy tales and world anecdotes. All of them will promisingly bring a magical, new and attractive experience for all the tourists.


VinWonders Phu Quoc is one of the most well-known Phu Quoc attractions

VinWonders Phu Quoc will allow you to transform into warriors, discover many worldwide wonders, overcome challenges and capture memorable moments with your beloved. This Vietnam theme park welcomes tourists daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Therefore, you can easily adjust your schedule to visit this place and experience a variety of interesting things.


Many exhilarating things await you to explore in VinWonders Phu Quoc

2. VinWonders Phu Quoc price updated in 2023

You can buy VinWonders Phu Quoc’s tickets at the counter or on the website for a variety of interesting adventures. Especially, if you choose the second option, you will get some certain special benefits such as a cheaper rate and the ability to check in without having to wait in line to show paper tickets.


The map includes all the necessary information about the 6 subdivisions

The VinWonders Phu Quoc ticket price and service fee vary depending on each group of tourists. There are 3 groups: those who are 140 centimeters tall or taller (group 1), those who are 100 to 140 centimeters tall (group 2), and those who are 60 years old or older (group 3).

No. Categories Products/Services Price for each group of tourists (VND/person)
Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
1 Entrance ticket Standard ticket 880,000 660,000 660,000
2 Dining packages Buffet Set menu 250,000 VND 250,000 125,000 250,000

Set menu 350,000 VND

350,000 175,000 350,000
Set menu 200,000 VND 200,000 100,000 200,000
Set menu 300,000 VND 300,000 150,000 300,000
3 Combo ticket and dining services Entrance ticket + Set menu 200,000 VND 970,000 680,000 770,000
Entrance ticket + Set menu 250,000 VND 1,020,000 710,000 820,000
Entrance ticket + Set menu 300,000 VND 1,060,000 730,000 860,000
Entrance ticket + Set menu 350,000 VND 1,110,000 750,000 910,000


*Note: The ticket price list has been applicable since 5/5/2023


The ticket price is diverse for different groups of tourists

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3. How to get to VinWonders Phu Quoc?

The following are two common ways to reach VinWonders Phu Quoc:

3.1. From the airport

If you travel to Phu Quoc Island by plane and want to go to this destination right away, make your way to Tran Hung Dao Street from Phu Quoc Airport. Continue straight until you reach a 5-way junction where you will turn right onto 30/4 Street. To access VinWonders Phu Quoc, turn left at the T-junction of Hung Vuong Street and continue past Duong Dong Street, Cua Can Street, and Ganh Dau Street.

3.2. From Duong Dong Town

If Duong Dong Town is your first stop on your Phu Quoc trip, you should take a cab or rent a car to get to VinWonders Phu Quoc with the same route as above from 30/4 Street. In particular, you will receive a complimentary bus ticket to this theme park if you stay in Vinpearl Phu Quoc. There are 5 departure schedules for you to choose from: 8:50 a.m, 9:20 a.m, 9:35 a.m, 10:50 a.m, and 11:35 a.m.


It is quite easy to find your way to VinWonders Phu Quoc in Vinpearl’s complex

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4. What not to be missed in VinWonders Phu Quoc?

With more than 100 great activities, VinWonders Phu Quoc will surely bring many one-of-a-kind experiences to any tourist. Explore the highlights of the 6 subdivisions in this theme park below:

4.1. Fairy World

Fairy World covers an area of 2.5 hectares with 5 main areas including Kingdom of Wonders, Mysterious Oasis, Ancient Valley, Mystical Forest and Wild West. This location is appropriate for individuals of all ages, particularly youngsters. As the name implies, Fairy World will take you to an ethereal fairyland where you can relive your childhood with many well-known tales.

Particularly, in Kingdom of Wonders, you will have a chance to explore the wonderland and meet famous characters like Alice, Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, etc. In addition, taking pictures in the super virtual 3D house space and magic garden is also a must-try experience in this area.


Fairy World has a lot of activities for you to explore with your family

Or, if you drop into Mysterious Oasis, the story “One Thousand and One Nights” is faithfully recreated, which gives you a fantastic adventure on the legendary flying carpet with Aladdin and the genie to rescue the beautiful princess. All of these activities will surely bring you tons of excitement.


A thrilling game named “Conquering Mount Obelisk” in the Ancient Valley area

4.2. Mysterious Viking Village

Mysterious Viking Village is a large subdivision in this theme park with a 3.5-hectare area. Having Nordic Scandinavian architecture, this village is a place for you to explore culture, act as warriors to conquer the challenge of the mighty Viking tribe. Warrior Village and Thunder God’s Trial are the two highlights of this subdivision.

In Warrior Village, you will be sitting on a Viking warship and uncovering many hidden secrets of the ancient Norse tribes. Besides, it is advisable for you to enjoy and join the warrior dance with the epic battle drum melodies and typical dances of the ancient Viking tribe. Don’t forget to take photos with the mighty warriors in front of the giant battleship.


Mysterious Viking Village is an unmissable subdivision in VinWonders Phu Quoc

The system of 56 movement challenges with 3 difficulty levels for people of many ages is the feature of Thunder God’s Trial. This is the place where the strength of your supple hands and skillful feet is shown. Besides, you should not miss the experience of riding a suspension bridge over 30 meters long and a zipline through the forest with a height of nearly 10 meters at this place.


Mysterious Viking Village will bring you tons of excitement

4.3. Neptune Palace

When coming to Neptune Palace – one of the 5 largest aquariums in the world, you will be satisfied with the fanciful ocean scenery and have the opportunity to explore the unique tortoiseshell architecture, which is considered a symbol of VinWonders Phu Quoc. The total area of ​​this marine biology museum is up to 15,000 square meters with 3 floors.

Neptune Palace has 5 distinct zones, each with its own design, namely Magical Jellyfish World, Colorful Fish World, Penguin World, Fierce Shark World and Giant Fish World. Exploring the life of 300 species with nearly 255,000 individuals, sleeping overnight in the aquarium or feeding the fish are some activities that are worth experiencing in this place.


The impressive architecture of Neptune Palace viewed from the outside

Especially, Magical Jellyfish World will surely amaze you with a smack of jellyfish which can change color and glow in the water. Here, you will feel like stepping into a surreal space thanks to the combination of light and lively music while admiring the soft flexibility of 1,260 jellyfish. This place will surely attract many tourists when they come to VinWonders Phu Quoc.

Neptune Palace is an ideal destination for every family with children

Neptune Palace is an ideal destination for every family with children

4.4. European Streetmosphere

Covering an area of 3.5 hectares, European Streetmosphere will attract you as soon as you enter VinWonders Phu Quoc. Here, you will have a chance to return to the heyday of medieval Europe on a bustling street with a lot of characteristic brick-roofed houses.

There are many fantastic things in European Streetmosphere. The two extremely popular places for young people and families are the shopping streets “Copenhagen Fair” and “Fire Phoenix Square”, where dozens of shops and restaurants gather in a super romantic European space.


There are dozens of eye-catching and bustling shops in European Streetmosphere

European Streetmosphere is also where spectacular festivals and parades are held on a regular basis. At 7 p.m. every day, you will have the opportunity to enjoy colorful performances, which combine water music and skillful actors with a series of state-of-the-art effects. It will surely create an extremely satisfying impression for any tourist.


Many young people choose European Streetmosphere as an ideal place to propose to their loved ones

4.5. Adventure World

Adventure World is not to be missed if you enjoy thrilling games. This subdivision has an area of up to 5.5 hectares and it is modeled after Medieval Europe, providing tourists with the best view into European customs. Its three areas are The Legend of Maya, Ancient Greece and The Old Forest of South America with 11 unmissable activities.

This subdivision has a lot of thrilling adventures in store for you to experience. Here, you can step into an old civilisation with magnificent Mayan palaces and heavenly Greek temples. Riding the Rage of Zeus, one of the world’s fastest roller coasters, is a must-try activity at this place.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to transform into an adventurer to go white-water rafting from a height of 30 meters to discover hidden secrets in a volcano hidden deep in the Amazon jungle. This is definitely an extremely interesting experience that you should try with your friends when coming to this theme park.


Coming to Adventure World, you should try “Rage of Zeus”- one of the fastest slides in the world

4.6. Typhoon World

When you come to VinWonders Phu Quoc, make sure to visit a top-rated water park in Southeast Asia in the Typhoon World subdivision. It is a 4.5-hectare park that recreates a tropical Hawaiian paradise with 36 amazing activities. This subdivision is suitable for couples, families and groups of friends in the trip to Phu Quoc.

The highlight of Typhoon World is a slide called “Snake Venom”. With a length of up to 175 meters, in the shape of a giant python – which is the first of its kind in Vietnam, it promises to provide you with an interesting experience that you will not find anywhere else in this country.


Snake Venom is worth a try in the Typhoon World subdivision

Besides, you should immerse yourself in the crashing waves at Oahu Tsunami Pool once. This zone has an area of ​​4,500 square meters and a depth of up to 2.2 meters with many different wave levels. Likewise, Aloha Beach is the place where you can find white sand and blue water like a miniature ocean, which is not inferior to famous natural beaches in the world and Vietnam.


Immersing yourself in Oahu Tsunami Pool is an exciting experience

>>> Remember to book tickets of VinWonders Phu Quoc to enjoy every moment when you come there!

5. Tips to have the best trip to VinWonders Phu Quoc

To experience the above appealing activities in VinWonders Phu Quoc, you should note some tips below:

  • Get a VinWonders Phu Quoc map to easily explore the park.
  • Bring sports shoes, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, swimsuit, etc. to have a full day of fun at VinWonders Phu Quoc.
  • The operating hours of VinWonders Phu Quoc are usually from 9 a.m to 8 p.m but this time frame may change to serve the sightseeing and entertainment needs of tourists. Therefore, you should contact the customer care department of VinWonders Phu Quoc via the phone number 1900 6677 (ext. 2) about 1 week before your trip for the exact operating time.
  • To buy VinWonders tickets at the best price, you should refer to the official website of Vinpearl where regular attractive VinWonders incentive programs are posted.

You should note some tips to get a perfect trip to VinWonders Phu Quoc

>>> Book tickets of VinWonders Phu Quoc to have the best getaway with your buddies!

Above is all the information to make your journey to VinWonders Phu Quoc complete and interesting. Hopefully, you will have a wonderful trip with plenty of memorable experiences with your loved ones in this great theme park. For more convenience, don’t forget to book tickets of VinWonders Phu Quoc soon before hitting the road! Now, prepare to take a flight and dress up to indulge in pleasures in VinWonders Phu Quoc!

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